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Welcome to Jump Start
Easy, Easy,Easy, 1, 2, 3 Enrollment!

This is one-on-one Personal Coaching/Training keyed to your individualized goals and objectives!

With these 3 50-minute coaching sessions we will evaluate, analyze, and structure your personal Lifestyle Solution!

Session 1

Composition Analysis & Goal Setting

Muscular Compensation Test
Flexibility Evaluation/Training
Cardio Evaluation/Training
Core Evaluation/Training
Session 2 Stabilization & Endurance Evaluation/Training
Session 3 Strength Evaluation/Training
Step 1 - Jump Start Enrollment

To complete enrollment contact us today!

Step 2 - Jump Start Confirmation

Within 24 hours you will receive a confirmation of a convenient date and time for your first Jump Start Consultation!

Step 3 - Jump Start Completion

At the completion of these 3 consultations you will poses ALL of the resources and tools required to establish ALL of your personal wellness, health and fitness goals effectively!

Congratulations welcome to your new Lifestyle!

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