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Changes in Healthcare
Today’s Healthcare Provider is defined by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act as a wellness and prevention plan manager, or a health, wellness or prevention services organization that conducts health risk assessments or offers ongoing face-to-face, telephonic or web-based intervention efforts for each of the program’s participants, and which may include the following wellness and prevention efforts:
(1) Smoking cessation
(2) Weight management
(3) Stress management
(4) Physical fitness
(5) Nutrition
(6) Heart disease prevention
(7) Healthy lifestyle support
(8) Diabetes prevention

This includes Primary Care Providers, Primary Care Physicians, Personal Care Physicians, Behavioral Therapists, Physical Therapists, Physicians, Dietitcians, Medical Doctors, Registered Nurses, Professional Health, Wellness, Nutrition, and Exercise Counselors, Certified Personal Trainers, Lifestyle Coaches, as well as other trainers and therapists.

Benefits of the Independant Provider Solutions Program:
The time is now in establishing your healthcare organization with customized Solutions in your community. The 365|Health & Fitness Independant Provider Solutions program includes a set of Legal Documents, Operations Manuals, Marketing and Advertising materials, a complete business plan detailing opportunities that include:
• Leverage exclusive proprietary products & services
• Improved quality of patient care
• Increased Name Recognition
• Increased Advertising and Marketing
• Rapid Expansion of the Business
• Market Dominance & Retain Greater Buying Power
• Licensing ensures that qualified Managers are operating additional units
• Licensed units operate better & more profitably than company owned units

Licensee's will also gain access to a Professional Grade Supplementation Brand that is completely free of toxins, band substances and hormones.

All of these features combined secure and provide a solution to you/your clients perpetual development and positive physical results. The 365|Health & Fitness Lifestyle Independant Provider Solutions program includes a business plan that outlines a 6 figure growth model.

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