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What are Employee Wellness Solutions for an employees?
We provide comprehensive preventative, behavioral, Lifestyle, and intervention services for injury, obesity, and relative diseases. Offering a complete line of physical therapy, personal fitness training, nutrition, group exercise, group educational seminars, corporate wellness training, telephonic counseling, e-training, Lifestyle Solutions, nutraceuticals and much more. All of these programs are delivered via the LS365- Lifestyle Solutions programs, the Milestones Solutions, and the F.I.T. Club Solutions program. With your monthly premiums your health services and solutions are gauranteed for the entire year.

In addition to the health benefits offered with our Employee Wellness Solutions, we provide a great financial benefit including discounts on enrollment fees and monthly subscriptions with all group health programs!

  • What is a Reasonable Goal?
  • Why Optimal Wellness?
  • Balanced Nutrient Consumption
  • Progressive Cardio Training
  • Significance of Phase Designated Resistance Training
  • The Keys to Success
  • ...and much, much more!

    Did you know...

    • Employees who exercise one or more times per week, regardless of their weight, have lower health care costs than their sedentary co-workers {cite: IHRSA 2009, The Economic Benefits of Regular Exercise}
    • Coca-cola reported a reduction in health care claims of $500 per employee with 60% participation in an exercise program. {cite: The Wellness Councils of America}
    • Small business can achieve results comparable to large companies with as few as five employees actively engaged in a well-managed program. {cite: Annual Review of Public Health: Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine}