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Strength Training

Strength training or resistance exercises use your

existing muscular strength to improve muscle mass

and burn fat. The result is more lean muscle mass.

Increased muscle mass provides you with a bonus:

your body burns more calories both while you are

active and when you are at rest.

Your body shape becomes more youthful with strength

training and as your strength and energy increase you

will feel more empowered physically and emotionally.

While you won't forget your weight loss goals, you

may find yourself exercising just for the fun of it.

Rowing, climbing stairs, and calisthenics like pushups,

are strength training exercises. Many strength-training

exercises employ dumbbells and weights to help work

your muscles. As with all new exercises, begin slowly.

The exercises are repeated over time until they

become comfortable. When you are ready, you can

intensify your workout by first adding sets of

repetitions and light weights and later by graduating

to heavier weights.