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Losing Fat While You Sleep

All of us try to keep the body fat down to a minimum

but some times we don't have time to do an hour of

cardio a day and don't want to watch what we eat all

the time. An easy way to help keep it off is by

eliminating carbohydrates from your diet about four or

five hours before beddy-bi time. Eating green leafy

vegetables and meats are fine in the evening but

carbohydrates are your bodies immediate source of

energy; if you are not expending the calories from

carbohydrates they will be stored as fat! Through out

the day your daily activities burn most of the extra

calories from carbohydrates but at night when you are

asleep, your heart rate and your bodies demand for

calories decreases dramatically therefore your body

can not expend the calories and they are stored as

body fat.