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Exploring Creatine Delivery Systems

Creatine transport systems such as Cell-Tech and Phosphagen HP use excessive sugar levels to spike the body’s insulin levels with the hope that the increase in insulin will aid the absorption of the creatine monohydrate. There is some validity to this claim. Insulin does transport creatine monohydrate into the muscle cells however the slight increase in insulin levels caused by sugar has not been proven to be enough to create a significant difference in the absorption of creatine monohydrate. Depending on your goals the negative effects of a sugar transport system can far out way the positive effects. A rise in insulin levels increases the amount of calories that are stored as fat, this combined with the abundance of calories from the refined sugar can result in an unusually high rate of calories stored as fat.

Effervescent creatine products have a solid theory behind them however conclusive proof of their effectiveness does not exist. The effervescent products that use a sodium based transport can tip sodium levels to an unfavorable state causing extra water retention. There are potassium based effervescent products, however that work using the same principles as the sodium based effervescent creatine that does not cause the extra water retention.

Liquid creatine is one of the biggest scams the supplement industry has ever seen. One of the most reputable supplement companies in the industry (AST Sports Science) sent a bottle of Muscle Marketing liquid creatine to an independent lab for testing; the lab results came back reflecting what has been witnessed by countless consumers; the bottle claiming to contain 2500mg of creatine per serving actually contained 27.5mg per serving, about 1% of label claim. This is not unique to Muscle Marketing, creatine has an extremely low level solubility in liquids, and in other words all liquid creatine products on the market are bogus.

Powdered creatine is a great deal, cheaper, and just as effective as transport systems, contains no calories and is more convenient to take. Stick with the major brands to ensure quality and make sure your water intake is around a gallon per day or some cramping may result with any creatine product.