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By: Benjamin Mooney, MT

In order for people to have a fighting chance in their healthcare they must have an ability fully understand the dynamics of how this country really works, including business, legislation, and government. This memo will serve to put the market into a manageable perspective for the public and help to guide the public in the right direction.

PUBLIC CLAIM: “My employer had good coverage (now it doesn’t).”
FACT: If you knew how to interpret your prior insurance policy(s) you would know it was not “good coverage” your employer covered only minimal “major medical” coverage in case of injury and for incidental occurrences. Your employers’ coverage only provided for you after you have been impaired. The definition of healthcare is the preservation and improvement of mental and physical health by preventing or treating illness through services offered by a healthcare professional. Prior to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, Obesity was not considered a disease. today obesity is a disease that plagues 70-85% of American citizens. 70-85% depending upon where in the country you live.
The proper enrollment process of compliant healthcare solutions today is not done over the phone or on a computer, it is done face to face with a specific type of healthcare provider known as a Professional Health Counselor. Legislation (PPACA) today requires tests, evaluations, and analysis prior to the individual selecting their designated treatment plan/healthcare solution for the fiscal year; this is in-part how value based insurance works. Finally, in writing (in PPACA) we have the provisions for care that America really requires:
‘‘SEC. 2713. COVERAGE OF PREVENTIVE HEALTH SERVICES. (P.P.A.C.A.) ‘‘(a) IN GENERAL—A group health plan and a health insurance issuer offering group or individual health insurance coverage shall, at a minimum provide coverage for and shall not impose any cost sharing requirements for— ‘‘(1) evidence-based items or services that have in effect a rating of ‘A’ or ‘B’ in the current recommendations of the United States Preventive Services Task Force; ‘‘
Coverage has failed because healthcare providers and health insurance companies have all failed to work together to streamline patient care with pure patient interests of improved quality of care, improved health outcomes, and the reduction of potential hospital re-admissions.

PUBLIC CLAIM: “Obamacare caused my insurance premiums to go sky-high!”
FACT: Obamacare did not cause premiums to go sky-high. Obamacare is an online healthcare enrollment website that provides minimal coverages for individuals that do not otherwise have access to healthcare coverages. The true cause for the actual cost of insurance premiums in today’s market is directly reflective of the individuals current standing health status. Any increase in any premiums are only due to the individuals preceding due diligence (or lack thereof) to maintain reasonable care of their own person; by default, it is the individuals personal neglect in their own personal health in preceding years to care for themselves and take active measures in reasonable care. The healthcare industry has just been reset as the housing market was after the housing market crash in 2007-2008

PUBLIC CLAIM: “My insurance doesn’t cover anything I need but I still have to pay for it.”
FACT: More than 90% of the United States population are not doctors-the public does not accurately know what it is they relatively need in their healthcare solutions. Over 90% of Americans put minimal to no (zero) efforts in to the annual maintenance of their person (body) and contractually invest in things that impair their personal health, their families, and others around them. It is not a prescription, a test, or a procedure that a doctor does to the patient that is the resolution. It is a functional kitchen to prepare properly balanced (see Balance Nutrient Consumption – BNC at http://iiivivfitness.com/LS365.htm) meals coupled with a resilient discipline to exercise their body properly (see Flex-101, P.C.T., F.C.T., and F.I.T. at http://iiivivfitness.com/LS365.htm). Yes, individuals MUST pay for their own medical costs now. Yes! Whether the individual uses their benefits properly, efficiently, and effectively or not. Yes! If you don’t use it properly, payors reserve the right to pay on any benefits.

PUBLIC CLAIM: “I go everywhere and try to use my insurance but it doesn’t work anywhere I go, but I still have to pay for it.”
FACT: Traditional major health insurance companies are currently blocking new preventative providers from joining their networks to reduce their provider payouts. Traditional major health insurance companies are already paying hundreds of millions of dollars in preventative provider payouts that were NOT “forecast” and government penalties for not providing PPACA compliant programs, that they’re adding more and more stipulations making it harder for both providers to get paid, and patients to attain service. Insurance companies have a due diligence that they have not executed; to ensure the quality of care through reporting, improve patient health outcomes, and reduce the cost of insurance premiums-This is the reason we buy insurance. To ensure these outcomes. Health insurance compamy's have robbed America of it's wealth and health. Ensuring these results does not benefit the profit margin of the “traditional major medical” insurance companies causing them to take whatever legal means necessary to retain their revenues. Insurance companies have also taken funds from the government for these programs and has still failed to invest in the best interest of the patient. The government is getting their due by these imposed penalties to the health insurance companies and then letting them simply withdraw from the market quietly without any recognizance to the American public. It has become an undersight swept under the rug.

PUBLIC CLAIM: “It’s almost like you don’t have insurance now in some cases, isn’t it?”
FACT: Again this is because individuals do NOT know how to effectively utilize their self-selected individualized healthcare program. Individuals MUST meet with a Professional Health Counselor, attain their health status, select a treatment method that is right for them, and execute it without excuses. This has nothing to do with the health insurer, the provider, the government or ANY other entity other than themselves; individuals must take responsibility for their actions

PUBLIC CLAIM: “Obamacare hits on the economy on two keys; taxes getting raised and now we’re finding out that it didn’t lower insurance premiums it raised them.”
FACT: Obamacare didn’t raise the taxes. Insurance companies and providers failing to invest patient’s premiums, deductables, and co-pays into the healthcare solutions needed did. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act does in-fact reduce healthcare premiums. Most patients have not read the respective documents pertaining to their care.

PUBLIC CLAIM: “It’s not working when you look at it from the governments perspective because people are not getting insurance, and then getting it when they get sick.”
FACT: For the reasons in the previous section; it is not working out for the government, thus they must increase taxes. America is going to pay for their healthcare-the only question is will they continue to control the cost in private markets or will America forfiet responsibility. That is what happens when people (individual patients, providers, and insurers are not doing what they’re supposed to, when they’re supposed to, how they are supposed to. Providers are not stepping up to their responsibilities in many capacities which is why there is such an incredible cry for leadership. Not just in healthcare but in every market, in every industry, in every community in America right now.

PUBLIC CLAIM: “They wait until they get sick and then since there is no preceding condition that goes along with it, it is unsustainable.”
FACT: This is why you must get properly enrolled in a qualified healthcare plan today, so that you do have record, and a manageable resolution to all health concerns for the coming year/years. For more information on these programs in your area visit www.iiivivfitness.com.

PUBLIC CLAIM: “Obamacare is unsustainable, and so I think as long as insurance companies fall off, as people cannot afford their premiums, we’re going to be moving toward what was the goal anyway which was a single payor system.”
FACT: Monopolies are a closer description to what is to occur in healthcare. The good news is that with the inception of the PPACA, only organizations that are vested properly in ensuring the quality of patient care, ensuring improved health outcomes, and reduced hospital readmissions, nation-wide will be sustainable.

PUBLIC CLAIM: “And that is where the direction of the “company” is going. When you have the government controlling your healthcare (as in a socialist society), they’re controlling your very life”, and “That was one of the problems we had with Hillary Care back in the 90’s. We’re still fighting the same battle, because it has been implemented here and it’s not working.”
FACT: Again Obamacare is not socialism, it is an online healthcare enrollment program that provides minimal coverages for individuals that do not otherwise have access to healthcare coverages. Socialism has not been implemented here. All prior healthcare systems have failed the American public.