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"Success Is Inevitable!"

Health and Fitness Orientation
The Lifestyle Solutions Program safely implements standards that allow all patients to succeed at their desired health and fitness goals. The PHC guides each patient through these Critical 6 components to initiate successful program prescription.
In the presence of a medical condition, normal progression toward fitness goals may be impaired. If the program assesses a moderate or high health risk, clients will be required to get permission from their physician before being allowed to participate in the FIT Solutions program.

Composition Analysis Screenings are completed every 2-4 weeks to structure the changes each individual needs to their customized Lifestyle Solutions program. This providing a continued reasonable timeline to achieve goals. The capability of outlining wellness, health, and exercise success has never been made so easy!

With each Health & Fitness Orientation we will update your body composition measurements, solidify your results, progress your personal Wellness plan, re-calibrate nutrient balances, upgrade your Cardio program, and evaluate/refine your resistance training technique.

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