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Individuals & Families
The MileStones Solution
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Milestones Solutions
offers e-training, telephone counseling, and visits with a health coach that offers lifestyle advice for weight-loss, personal health management, fitness, wellness, nutrition, and a comprehensive Lifestyle Solutions program of skill-building in dietary and exercise habits under the guidance of a registered dietitian, a trained professional health coach, or exercise specialist that achieves realistic goals, rather than failing to achieve what are nearly impossible goals.

Professional Health Counselor (PHC) All of our Professional Health Counselors go through rigorous credentialing to achieve certification to provide a variety of specializations. We work with Registered Dieticians, Registered Nurses, Occupational Therapists, Behavioral Therapists, Physical Therapists, additional Physiotherapists, and more. We always want to ensure you recieve the best quality service possible!

Lifestyle Solutions The Lifestyle Solutions Program safely implements standards that allow all patients to succeed at their desired health and fitness goals. The PHC guides each patient through these Critical 6 components to initiate successful program prescription.

Wellness Solutions Establishing comprehensive health solutiosn that improve patient health outcomes, reduce critical health risks, and prevent hospitol readmissions.

Fitness Solutions This seven (7) phase workout and resistance training module features built in safety and progression parameters that are easy to understand and effectively execute.

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