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Individuals & Families
The MileStones Solution
"Success Is Inevitable!"

The Milestones Solution offers e-training, telephone counseling, and visits with a health coach that offers lifestyle advice for weight-loss, personal health management, fitness, wellness, nutrition, and a comprehensive Lifestyle Solutions program of skill-building in dietary and exercise habits under the guidance of a registered dietitian, a trained professional health coach, or exercise specialist that achieves realistic goals, rather than failing to achieve what are nearly impossible goals.
Lock arms with your Professional Health Coach today!
MileStones Benefits:
»Lifestyle Solutions Program
»Body Composition & Goal Assessments
»Nueromuscular & Compensative Muscle Analysis
»Physical Performance Evaluations
»Balanced Nutrient Consumption Program
»Wellness & Metabolic Solutions
»Progressive Cardiorespiratory Training Program
»Flexibility Training Program
»Core Training Program
»Total Body Strength Training Program
»Monthly Consultation/Workout
»VIP access to wellness, health & fitness promotional events (where applicable)
*Subscription is 52 week agreement.
MileStones Features:
»Behavioral Therapy
»Health & Fitness Orientation (evaluation)
»Neuromuscular Facilitation
»Nutrition/ Nutrition Education
»Personal Fitness Training (exercise prescritions)
»Physical Therapy
»Occupational Therapy
»Specialty Counseling
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