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At 365|Health & Fitness, we work to improve the practices of independent providers and the lives of their patients.Throughout the continental United States the public outcry for comprehensive healthcare solutions is critical. This is delivered by various Independant Provider Solution installations within your community.

Since our company was founded in 2012, we have been on the leading edge of healthcare technology and patient services. We specialize in partnering with our providers to equip them with the most advanced comprehensive treatment solutions properly coded to regulation standards utilizing the 10th revision of the International Classification of Diseases (ICD-10). Our offerings consistently reflect where the medical field is headed, what patients need, and how providers align patient care.

365|Health & Fitness was founded on the idea of helping independent providers grow their businesses by providing compliance installations and ancillary services that not only provide better care for your patients but also create streams of revenue. For example, we have a provider installation that offers annualized-comprehensive care treatment options that assist in the improved health outcomes of critical diseases such as Obesity, Diabetes, Cardio-Metabolic vascular issues and Neuromuscular Facilitation. In addition to addressing critical diseases, we offer a full panel of products, services and devices with great clinical benefit and deliver the respective financial benefits needed to grow and manage your practice.

We offer all health and medical practitioners the opportunity to provide efficient on-site, in-home, and on-line health solutions for each patient. These evidence based programs improve patient safety and reduce errors, improve patient health outcomes, prioritize the reduced risk of critical diseases, and reduce the likelihood of hospital readmissions. Currently compliant to industry standard ICD-10 coding, these integrated Solutions deliver all of the tools necessary to be effective within each required component of comprehensive healthcare. This enables health providers the ability to bridge the gap in care for any patient in demand of access to true health care.

We provide product training, mentoring and technical support with a first year growth potential of $100-150K.

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