365|Health & Fitness, Inc. is a Manage Care Organization, Multi-Specialty Group National Provider with Specialty in Health Counseling of Lifestyle Solutions including Behavioral Analysis, Cardiorespiratory Development, Functional Integrated Training, Nutrition/Nutrition Education, Neuromuscular Facilitation, Occupational Therapy, Optimal Wellness Therapy, Physical Therapy, and much more!
Milestones Solution

The Milestones Solution (MS) offers e-training, telephone counseling, and visits with a Professional Health Counselor/ Coach that offers Lifestyle Solutions in weight-management, personal health management, nutrition, fitness, and much more.

Employee Wellness Solutions
We provide comprehensive preventative, behavioral, Lifestyle, and intervention services for injury, obesity, and relative diseases. Offering a complete line of physical therapy, personal fitness training, nutrition, group exercise, group educational seminars, corporate wellness training, telephonic counseling, e-training, Lifestyle Solutions, nutraceuticals and much more.
Health & Fitness Orientation

Composition analysis and physical performance screenings are done every 2-4 weeks which detail the changes needed in your customized programming to reach your goals. These Solutions are implemented into a timeline to better assist your achievable goals.

Jump Start Orientation

This is one-on-one (vis-a-is) Personal Coaching/Training keyed to your individualized goals and objectives!

With these 3 50-minute coaching sessions we will evaluate, analyze, and structure your personal Lifestyle Solution!

F.I.T. Club

Enjoy Functional Integrated Training (F.I.T.) Club and group fitness. Get fit, be motivated, motivate others, set new fitness records, or compete with friends!

The opportunity to do it all is with F.I.T. CLUB!

Unlocking health & fitness is no longer an obstacle. It is here you can find answers to general questions, conquer a fitness plateau as well as reduce your level of health risk. All of your health and fitness needs, finally within one source.

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