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Establishing your healthcare organization with customized solutions and working closely with fellow Professionals to achieve your to your Organizations success in the community is always a win-win!

The 365|Health & Fitness Provider Solutions Program includes a set of Legal Documents, Operations Manuals, Marketing and Advertising materials, a complete business plan detailing opportunities that include:

• Rapid Expansion of the Business
• Market Dominance
• Licensing ensures that qualified Managers are operating additional units
• Licensed units tend to operate better & more profitably than company owned units
• Retain Greater Buying Power
• Increased Name Recognition
• Increased Advertising and Marketing
• Sales of Exclusive Proprietary Products

Licensee's will also gain access to a Professional Grade Supplementation Brand that is completely free of toxins, band substances and hormones. This Exclusive Brand also offers up to a 40% discount level for clients.

All of these features combined secure and provide a solution to your/clients perpetual development and positive physical results. The 365|Health & Fitness Lifestyle Solutions License Program includes a Business Plan that outlines a 6 figure income.

Complete the following steps below to become a Lifestyle Solutions Provider today!

Step 1. Complete all information in this In-network Provider Application in your Google Chrome browser.

Step 2. Complete all fillable text boxes

Step 3. Save to your device as PDF

Step 4. Change title of pdf to: Last name.First name.pdf

Step 5. Email PDF document to

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